NESCA Testimonials

“It is always a pleasure working with your staff. They are so helpful, kind and responsive. Work would be much easier if even half the companies we deal with had such good customer service.”
"Congratulations on the passage of NESCA’s 36th legislative victory. This new law bans contract provisions that require subcontractors to exhaust their lien remedies before proceeding directly against the general contractor or the contractor’s payment bond. Just in case we needed any more proof - NESCA serves its members better than any other oganization of its kind!"
“I cannot thank you enough for all this information. We truly value our relationship with NESCA. We don’t know what we would do without you guys.”
“I just wanted to extend our gratitude for everything NESCA does for the construction community. Speaking for myself, and I’m sure for others, we rely on NESCA for many services, information and support. You guys certainly make our jobs easier!”
““It has been great being part of such a great association that supports and is the backbone of many subcontractors and suppliers throughout the state.”

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